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Controlling Hu'mans

Can I be a prince in your royal company?, emailolko@russia.ru, 10.06.2003, 21:59
Original: other language  Controlling Hu'mans (DuQueen), 01.06.2003, 18:37

Intresting theme!!

My view?
         Of course we are under control of some people;
I believe it comes into and under ideology;(I agree with Du Queen about weapon of mass distraction)
  To fortify my view, increasing weapon of mass distraction in USA under the pretext of self defense?! How is this related to control of people? - It brings power to certain people over all; and then who could stop them?
One of other elements are money - 'finansial help' to other countries under the agreement that this country will alow 'itrussion' of 'HELPing country' into their politics and economics;
  Desire to control others comes mostly from the desire of power in itself; desire of superiority; The factor and effrots to take control over others was and is;
  I doubt that we can preven it; How could we do that? What could we do against the power and the people who are keeping the world through money, massmedia and etc.?

DaKing, if you like things about controling power or so, read CHARLES WILSTON 'GAME PLAN' or Tom Clancy(i think, not sure about last name)'Net forse' - will not regret, believe me;