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other language  Mass Distraction

DaQueen, emailShePlays@mail.com, 15.06.2003, 09:44
Original: english  Controlling Hu'mans (Can I be a prince in your royal company?), 10.06.2003, 21:59

Matrix, Communism, Putin/Berlusconi,

they are cheap reconstructions of ze GOD concept, which is in itself a cheap concept. Wether it is a bearded phenomenon, an imaginative collective, or a President/robber, they are possible because of mass indifference.

Mass destraction, as you put it, prince Olko, is ze same concept; based on ze right of ze masses to pretent that they dont'n know any better.
But ze masses are not so stupid as they would like to pretend. Ze masses are a hiding place for ze real problem: a lost locus of control.
Some think they may control ze world, others dont't think and blame ze world or some god.
Don't we feel that our Spanish co-forumites are having much more sensible discussions than we?