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english  Mass Distraction

DaDude, emailjeffmilam@overland.net, 17.06.2003, 17:27
Original: other language  Mass Distraction (DaQueen), 15.06.2003, 09:44

King, let me respond to a few of your topics with some simple food for thought.

First and foremost, do not let your views of the world be skewed by modern american/post-hollywood governmental conditioning and brainwashing. Though the Matrix presents some minor themes of interest (i.e. your question of freewill) it offers no new contribution or even justice to the original concept. It only skews it into a simplistic fantasy.

You ask if people have freewill. People have been asking this for centuries and we are no closer to the answer than our Greek forefathers. Freewill's existence in the universe is complicated by many elements, the most prominant being Conditioning and Physical Law. As you questioned, Physics appear to be binding laws of the universe, thus it seems clear that even our own emotions are ins ome way governed. This can be easily understood by imagining the big bang:
1.) Plasma some how becomes and atom (probably hydrogen)
2.) Eventually our Hydrogen atom comes across another hydrogen atom
3.) The atom now has the freewill to either combine with this other hydrogen atom or to not combine with the atom, just as all decessions to the most minute nano-decession are made. Everything is a series or yes or nos. This severly limits the concept of true freeiwill, but does not destroy it.

This brings us to the idea of conditioning. Whether or not these atoms combine depends (greatly if not absolutely) on the conditions (i.e. temperature, speed, area, etc.) of the situation. This limits freewill even more.

You are left with freewill meaning that when you make a decession, the condition you are in affecting ever nuetrino in your body causing an enormous series of yes or no decessions decides for you. But, remember, physical theory is loose, it acts on probabilities. Freewill is relative. I wish i could go into more detail but the boss is coming
:( .  

I hope this fuels some action in your mind
"-Dude, Duder, El Duderino, Sir Dudeness"