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other language  Controlling Hu'mans

DuQueen, emailShePlays@mail.com, 01.06.2003, 18:37
Original: english  Controlling Humans (DaKing), 01.06.2003, 04:55

Ze problem is in ze words.
Ze words are too big for your thinking.

What can we see:

There are no invisible hands; that is clearly visible.

What is it, that is steering?

I feel it is ze GREED, as you say.
Only: humanity does not agree that this is a sin.

In terms of Human rights, it is called 'ze pursuit of happyness'
In terms of 'USA rights' this was translated into
"Ze universal rights of greedy people
to push non-greedy people out of ze market,
wherever in ze world,
and whenever ze USA (and their puppets in Europe)feel like it."

Maybe only 1% of ze people are really greedy.
But they have set the rules of ze game.
They are screeming about 'liberty' when ze non-greedy people
try to unite to set limits to greed.

Fake Philosophy in Hollywoods products are just clouding this fact.
Behind Matrix there is a greedy industry
covering up a nation that is terrorizing ze world.

Lying about weapons of mass destruction
in order to proceed with a 'preventive' strike.
There you have ze visible hands.
Are they steering ze world?
Not if we don't let them.