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english   Which Language / Idioma / Sprache?

Stefan Muenz: emailstefan.muenz@teamone.de, 08.01.2001, 23:49
Original: english  Which Language / Idioma / Sprache? (Peter Ebner-Clementschitsch), 06.01.2001, 14:08

Hello Peter,

I think this discussion forum should also promote the english language, although it is easier to write and discuss in his or her native language.

The original intention was to let it grow by its own and not to force it into certain rules. In the list of languages you can choose the language you use when you post a message, and you can choose English as one of them. Of cause, English more and more becomes the lingua franca of the international web community. But by trying to establish English as a wanted standard, you would possibly make an intercultural mistake. The reason is that English is not a real neutral communication language (like Esperanto is, is it really?), but a certain language with cultural backgrounds, just like Spanish, German, and others. If all people who want to make a statement in this forum would be recommended to use English, maybe some interesting statement wouldn't be possible at all. The reason is that some important things should be expressed in native words. The problem that not all users understand every language which is used in messages, must not be considered as a handicap. It also can be considered as a chance for intercultural exchange. Haven't you ever expierienced that when you are in a foreign country with a foreign language you don't understand, that people are more open to you and trying to communicate with you more then they do with others? This kind of curiosity and interest can also help to communicate in this forum. If you don't understand Spanish but you are interested in something someone wrote here in Spanish - simply ask for a translation. When people try to help each other to understand what someone has said - isn't that intercultural acting at it's best? ;-)

best regards