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english  "A belief is what we accept as truth."

Carsten Kühn: emailck5@gmx.net, 07.08.2001, 03:32
Original: english  "A belief is what we accept as truth." (Adrian), 15.07.2001, 10:03

»» "A belief is what we accept as truth."
»» Hi.  I have to write an essay on the above claim, and whether or not I can defend it.  I am not an expert in philosophy, and so I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.  I currently do not agree with it, however I would very much like to hear some of your opinions on the topic.  If you agree, why?  Likewise, if you disagree, why?
»»         Regards,
»»              Adrian

Dear Adrian,

   apart from the essay you have to write, I would like to ask -is this subject a matter of agreeing or disagreeing?

  To find out answers to our fundamental questions such as belief and truth, should or can we even rely on the opinions of so called experts? Can we rely on our own beliefs or conditionings? Can we accept truth, or is Truth not something completely independent of our beliefs/thoughts/agreements/disagreements? Maybe belief and truth have absolutely nothing to do with each other...
It is very easy to have a belief. It is very hard or very rare to perceive or even live truth.

Well, that is my oppinion anyway.

Kind regards,


P.S. If you would like to reach a larger audience, may I propose to translate your original question into German if you wish..