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english  "A belief is what we accept as truth."

Adrian : emailasl@most-wanted.com, 16.08.2001, 19:59
Original: english  "A belief is what we accept as truth." (Carsten Kühn), 07.08.2001, 03:32

    This is not merely a matter of agreeing or disagreeing.  Nor is it relying on the opinions of so-called experts.  It is taking the quote, and in accordance with your own personal opinions, deciding whether you agree or disagree without, supporting your decision.
   Admittedly the response to the quote, because of the way it is phrased, could be different depending on how you interpret.  Providing that 'we' is referring in general to a single person's belief, then whatever they believe, for them, is true.  If it is interpreted as meaning 'the' truth for all of us then that is an entirely different matter.  In my essay I have mainly focused on the former interpretation, to which I agree and am able to support.  Although the beliefs of two people may entirely differ, whatever it is that they believe, to them, is their truth.  Before the world was discovered to be round, people believed it was flat, since this is what they believed, this is what they accepted as true, until they found it not to be so.
  In  disagreeing with the statement, then you are somehow saying that 'a belief is not what we accept as truth'.  But then you would be accepting that statement as true, which makes it rather self-defeating.