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mostafa younesie, emailyounesie@modares.ac.ir, 14.09.2003, 09:41

                     Dialogical Matrix for Global Justice    

     I think that for understanding global justice as a subject first of all  it is appropriate and a necessity to define the reference(s) or source(s) that want to know, define, speak , interpretate , … it .Therefore decision about this reference(s) is the foundation for the other steps that have to be made – and this paper is about this matter or problem.With regard to relative knowledge of the related scholars for relative solution of this problem I can propose this as a hypothesis :  Dialogical constructing of … in the context .
    This hypothesis has four  pivotal components that discussing about them makes clear the related reference(s) or source(s).The first one is dialogical characteristics, that is the alive and humanistic interchange and exchange of different rational logoses / speeches about justice.Therefore from the start the others with diverse and different characteristics  are present and active in this alive / humanistic dialogue. This dia-logue ocures for constructing the subject that the persons who are participating in the dialogue will decide about. As the second element shows we are here faced with constructing as a contineous, free and democratic process and action. Therefore about the third atribute we can say that the objective of this constructing is not given and predetermined but the participants decide about it in their dialogue , for example to difine / understand / explain / apply / describe …. This dialogical constructing of …takes place in a context with special,definite,obvious and opaque characteristics stablished or contingent from past and  present that we can not ignore or forget – therefore the dialogical constructing is not free of con-text .All the mentioned elements together form a referent or source as the foundation and the other matters will be shaped on this basis.