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english  justice - how can everybody be represented?

mapola, 15.10.2003, 11:20
Original: english  justice (Marc Bouchard), 03.10.2003, 23:59

that means a pragmatic way of widening the dialogue, understood in a twofold sense: first, to extend a particular dialogue, for example by inclusion of further members, and, second, to create new dialogues.

Hello to all of you,
I think sometimes, the quid of this representation of everybody has to take place simply in a different scale. In some cultures today or in other times, there used to be a forum to talk about the issues that worried the different persons in a small group (family, clan, village, and so on...) There, there was place for the problems or solutions of everybody. There was also a feeling for everybody that they could count and really make a change! If we forget this small scale, the people will not feel truly represented, they will not feel that it is upon them to construct this world, they will not identify with their souroundings and community... That brings frustration, all the opposite as justice, and many other problems which we know all too well...
That also would bring the individuals the real feeling to whom they belong in this world, an they wouldnt be so confused and would affiliate false gurus who promise them the feeling they are missing, just because of this problem of representativity, belonging und identity.
Of course, afterwards, there has to be found the solution how this small scale communities can be represented in a bigger scale, until we come to the whole world... (no step has to be forgotten...)
Maybe is that a point to the problem? Of course I don't have the solution to everything..., but what do you think about this?