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english  Truth Evolutionism: Freedom Creates Universe

Rastanaut, emailjeffmilam@overland.net, 19.06.2003, 16:18
Original: english  Truth Evolutionism: Freedom Creates Universe (Unifytruth), 29.05.2003, 05:05

Some may argue that nihilism is the ultimate perturbation. Nihilism does not equal apathy. A nihilist may persue vast scientific knowledge in an attempt to understand the true nature of his own nothingness. A Nihilist may recognize this "perfect system" but also accept his absolutly tricvial role in it's expansion. Or, the nihilist may recognize that the true nature of nothingness is what fuels this phenomena. Perhaps a state of pure being in the cosmos rather than assuming the roll of the seeker is closer to the truth and mind agitation than anything else. A nihilist may recognize, for example, that everything in the universe is tied together by one root source and to become one with this root, one must assume an existence of complete nothingness and harmony with his universe. Just ideas.