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english  Truth Evolutionism: Freedom Creates Universe

Suppose there is nihility and a perturbation. When the perturbation is a group of quantities that cannot expand itself, nihility is at indifferent equilibrium. If the perturbation reduces by itself, nihility is stable for this kind of perturbations. But, if a group of quantities forms a tiny "expanding" system, like a small universe or small economy, the perturbation will expand with time, so nihility is unstable for this kind of perturbations. The existence of such perturbations is guaranteed by that the Universe is a close expanding system. More generally, if there is perturbation freedom, any imperfect existence, existence that cannot expand the fastest, will be relatively infinitesimal after enough long time. The system expanding the fastest will be the largest after enough long time, and is called the Universe.

From "Truth Evolutionism", if every possible existence can exist, then the world will have its current form. Absolute freedom will create the current world. After an enough long time, world will be nearly 100% made up of perfect pursuit system. So why we need a creator to enhance the perfection an infinitesimal percentage?

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