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english  How can you or your society decide ethically which knowledge should or should not be pursued?

Help needed! I'm working on a 1200-1600 words essay and I'd like to gather some ideas as to what I can be writing about, anyone?

Well, I'd start by analyzing your topic. Each concept deserves reflection:

you and your society --> which set of morals is implied (what do you want ethically, what does the society you live in prescribe in terms of legislation and/or convention?)

knowledge --> what is designated by the term 'knowledge'. If I were you I'd pick an example out of the natural sciences, e.g. cloning, in particular cloning of humans. (In Germany, a sect devoted to science actually claims to have cloned a human being. This may be an interesting a case study. Probably it's a fake, but nonetheless)

Is cloning useful? Should it be forbidden? Is usefulness the only criterion in question?

I hope my ramblings do provide at least a little bit of help. (Sorry for not providing any answers - but the above-mentioned questions can lead somewhere...)

Patrick Baum