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english  A belief is what we accept as truth

Cara: emailcaramella_2k@hotmail.com, 26.05.2002, 00:57
Original: english  (DAVE), 21.08.2001, 03:29

>>Hello, there!

>>After having read all of your comments on the topic of whether belief can be as accepted as truth has lead me to many things. First of all, one of you talks of belief being a cultural thing. Well, our beliefs, norms and upbringing determine what we define as truth. Our culture plays an important role in defining the terms beliefs and truth. Every belief can be categorised as truth but not every truth is a belief is certainly very true. If I believe that eating meat is pernicious for mankind, then it is a truth that I have created. Secondly, Newton's laws are proved to be true. However, how true these laws are to me makes me decide what I think about them. If I do not "believe" in them, they are not true for me...

>>These are my opinions on this matter. I attend the IB programme as well and how did your exams go, people?