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english  "A belief is what we accept as truth."

DAVE: emaildavewilliams@m.t.s.net, 21.08.2001, 03:29
Original: english  "A belief is what we accept as truth." (Adrian), 15.07.2001, 10:03

»» "A belief is what we accept as truth."
»» Hi.  I have to write an essay on the above claim, and whether or not I can defend it.  I am not an expert in philosophy, and so I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.  I currently do not agree with it, however I would very much like to hear some of your opinions on the topic.  If you agree, why?  Likewise, if you disagree, why?
»»         Regards,
»»              Adrian

Adrian, beliefs are emotional, pychologolical commitments we humans have with ourselves. We aquire them through experiences and teachings. There are two possible answers to your question. 1). A belief of another individual may not be truth to you, however if the belief is yours, then you!!! have accepted it to be true. So i believe the main focus of your essay should be Why? and How, we process knowledge to rectify a belief. It is also important to understand mans ignorance to changing his beliefs once he has concluded his own philosophies.
Any help?