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english  The wealth of western culture

Daniel López Salort: emaillopdaniel@hotmail.com, 10.11.2001, 16:06

According to Lui Fang Tong’s article about Globatization and fusion of orient-western philosophy and culture, for oriental countries as China and India the “realization of modernization is their main target”, and the same time to avoid “all sorts of shortcomings in the process of modernization, especially such as nihilism, relativism, ir-rationalism, ir-moralism,etc.”.

None can rejects neither the great achievements of Western world (i.e. technological mass production of goods and services, transporting and communications, cybernetic space and virtual function, medicine and genetic, etc.) nor its failures (i.e. an erroneous theory and praxis of man power, a social and individual life as if ethics values were an option instead a real necessity, etc.).

But none of us can forget two central points:
1. ¿Which philosophical basis of that process of modernization must we  rescue? For example, the emphasis on human freedom about developing its own fate.
2. ¿Which aspects of oriental philosophy and culture need to dialogue to western point of view? For example psychological and medical concepts and treatments, aesthetics function, history theories.

I mean we had to avoid a big mistake: to consider western world only has its high tech civilization, forgetting its profound cultural values, from its great mystics until its brilliant thinkers, with their contributions to ethic systems, freedom and law, language and reality, representational and suppositional knowledge and logic, and many other fountains of their developing.