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english  According to Lui Fang Tong's article

Daniel López Salort: emaillopdaniel@hotmail.com, 17.11.2001, 21:20
Original: english  The wealth of western culture (Bertold Bernreuter), 13.11.2001, 00:16

Dear Bertold, dear all, “According to Lui Fang Tong’s article about Globatization and fusion of orient-western philosophy and culture"”

Your aim: “how to make this dialogue possible” is a clear and indispensable goal, and it needs no governmental and governmental organizations and people who work step by step in order to get it. Fortunately, Polylog is one of those steps, isn’t?. Sure it’s so. However, the intercultural dialogues exist over themes too, and the decision of which aspects are relevant or not will always depend of the actors or participants . In each philosophical way the limits and conditions of a dialogue are imposed by an agreement. Your examples ok what kind of freedom has Western developed show rightly what I wanted to say.

Your also right in your questions about what happens with another paths, such as African, Latin-American or Arabic philosophies. I think the area of Lui’s interest is European and North-American ones. At last: what exactly means or want to signify “fusion of orient-western philosophy and culture”?. I don’t find trough the article more specific features or simple ideas about that, except in the final paragraph the following sentence: “The interchange and cooperation of oriental and western culture, including philosophy, and even the unification in some degree, would be the important bridge of above unified trend” (the cursives words are mine).

Beyond this article, I asked me if all the human history long one time happened a fusion of cultures. It seems more an assimilation or absorption from one to another. America Conquest by Spain and Britain, for instance, or Spain Conquest by Arabic culture en Middle Ages. It would be so?. Perhaps the trouble begins with the semantic value of fusion word.

Sincerely, Daniel López Salort.