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englishAnti-morality: replacing ethics with a new, epistemic theory.

Mathew Varghese, emailmathewvarghese888@yahoo.co.uk, 27.09.2004, 09:42
Original: english Anti-morality: replacing ethics with a new, epistemic theory. (Kym Farrand), 27.08.2004, 05:04

The abstract of the book gives an interesting reading as we live in a differenet world where the moral concepts have already changed on to a new epistemic theory that is promoted by sceince. Today we believe in science as in yesteryear people used to believe in religion. This leads to a new problem that human being under religion could imagin a world according to their fantacies and aspirations (the conception of heaven, after life etc), but unfortunately this security is not given a place in the new epistemic (sceintific) beliefs. Human beings are more confused today than ever before in history.