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Ralph Overstreet, emailrwo878@yahoo.com, 21.05.2004, 00:25

    I had a philosophy teacher in college who told us something interesting by Confucius, I think. It was, as I remember it:
    If you want to do the good (to do good works) it's like walking.  One leg represents knowledge and the other action. You have to start off with one leg and wait for the other to catch up.  Action with out knowledge is not good, knowledge alone doesn't do much.  
    Also, I don't remember her saying this but, it seem as if, interspersing action with ones' knowledge collection process could help focus ones' research, similar to the way knowledge can help direct ones' actions.
    I'd like to check this statement out to see if it's real (meaning existing outside my head)and who said it, but I'm not sure where to start.  I wonder if someone might like to help me out on this. Actually I'd like to email this quote, if I can find it, to a girl who I'm interested in, to help explain my timidity (sense my social skills are pretty low) which she doesn't understand much.  
    So anyway, I'd be interested in hearing some ideas.
Ralph Oversteet