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english  Looking for God???

Maik , 27.01.2004, 02:26
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Original: english  Looking for God??? (Roger Pfau), 12.01.2004, 16:21

Do you feel there are any informations in "Talk 1" or even only arguments to talk about? To me "Talk 1" sounds like religious propaganda.


Roger - it is said - that a man who is closed to that which is the greatest incomprehendable force on earth and in all places, is nothing but a fool. Maybe if you read what is contained in any of these books and opened your heart, you too may see what it is really containing. The unfoldment of the soul, divine healing and one of the only books available anywhere that gives mortal insight into what life is. Open your eyes and you shall see. I wish that you find what it is that stirs your soul and traps your mind. I wish you nothing but too, to find what it is life is about.