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younesie, emailyounesie@modares.ac.ir, 08.11.2003, 09:36

Dialogue among Civilizations, Justice, Political Thought

It can be said that the constituent parts of the contemporary / dominant background of the academic, conventional and customary conception of political thought in a contrastive and heuristic way are: subjective monologue, ego –orientation and nation-state (nationality). It is against this background that its foreground called political thought, as the subjective thinking of ego in the atmosphere of nation-state about the political must be understood.

But it seems that with regard to the fundamental role of background in relation to the foreground it is possible to provide the other one(s), and one of them can be civilizational dialogue. The constituents of the proposed background are dialogue as civil/agonic praxis, lovely other-orientation and civilizations speakers. All of these parts have specific and related meanings, sub-parts and connections with the other elements of our perspective/ Weltanschauung. But all of these will be realized in a mameutic or Socratic way in this paper.

Therefore there is a background with some parts, but for the correct relations among these parts and a satisfactory realization of this whole and also having capacity for making connection with political thought a sublime medium is needed. I think this medium can be justice because first of all it is a kind of correct and true relation among and we can understand and explain the whole and its parts by using justice as a reference. With presence and realization of this medium there will be a just, dialogical and civilizational background that is acceptable, trustable and reliable.

With provision of this background and justice as the sublime medium the intercivilizational community will go theoretically and practically toward a correct and true relation with the political thought that justice has presence in it. In this sphere justice has relation with the whole and its parts that are the political and thought. After the presence and realization of justice in political thought as the foreground we can have its relation with the just, dialogical and civilizational background and visa versa. As the result of this background political thought means intersubjective / comparative thinking (as a praxis) of speakers of diverse civilizations about just ways of living collectively in the atmosphere of transnationality.

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