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other language  What should be called into doubt

DuQueen, emailShePLays@mail.com, 09.10.2003, 19:16
Original: english  What can be called into doubt (PG), 08.10.2003, 19:50


Why ze desparate need for counterclaims? If these counterclaims do not spring to you, haunt you, than maybe there should be an opennes to ze possibility that René is right?

Have you any sure means to prove ze reality exists outside you?

Why not start from ze assumption that reality is ze most shared intersubjective hypothesis - under ze assumtion that there are other subjects to share an hypothesis with? (An assumption that you may analyze under your presence in this forum).

If we, you and me, agree that there is such a sad thing as reality, than our problem is not if it can be called into doubt, but rather, that there are so many people that wish to use this fact to not have to consider it seriously any more.

It is a matter of courage to overcome the doubt and to accept ze hypothesis of truth as a working base - because once one has taken this step, one is obliged to react to it according to one's values.

René was a hero to have discovered ze fact that reality can (must) be doubted. Nowadays one must be a hero to nevertheless decide not to do so, and hold the responsibility for this decision.