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english  What can be called into doubt

Arioch, 08.10.2003, 23:32
Original: english  What can be called into doubt (PG), 08.10.2003, 19:50


Be flexible in your outlook on life. Be prepared to accept that the human mind is incapable of comprehending the full dimensions of truth. Truth in one set of circumstances may be different when considered from another level. Be prepared to accept that a so-called mystery may have either a simple explanation, or one quite beyond our understanding.

Mental study in books alone does not lead to wisdom. It always needs to be chastened by experience. In fact too much study strengthens the intellect, giving it a dominant position leading to imbalance. Wisdom arises in a harmonius blend of all parts of being.
Intuitive grasp, opening one's mind to inspiration and creative play with ideas have always been hallmarks of genius. Yet these qualities cannot be manipulated by man's intellect.

This could be a counterclaim to his statements?