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english  Philosophy ought really to be written only as a poetic composition. --Wittgenstein

Some Say Poem, emailcontact@amyking.org, 10.09.2003, 02:49
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Is philosophical writing creative writing?

Another Tradition

The stone wall faded and no one felt
the revolution over their shoulders anymore.
Wrapped in paper, set upon the shelf
in the anteroom, the remainders shed  
their insane gestures, returning to ply
the original trades:  prostitutes,  busboys
and salutations.  The money rose straight
to the top.  Terror wars commenced and the fires
rained upon the fields.  In another dimension,
freedom couldn’t be the same.  People disbanded
from groups altogether, learning only the lights
of neighborhood asylums.  God fell apart
and words keenly followed.  To say “I need
you” now meant “Spread the butter”
and “Adhere to mobility”.  Across the laps,
they stretched each other, stroking
to convey the influence of contentment.