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english  Soviet death&Homo mortem

Roganov Sergey: emailroganov@go.com, 07.02.2001, 12:19

The cultural development becomes the play on cemetery long ago. What is the man who doesn't need to die? Only a mould of eternity. And the main problem which I tried to decide - whom belong the realization of my own death to? To Nature? To God? I know the single solution of that problem - the realization of my own death may belong only to me, and must belong to me. Nobody else. I realize my own death with my own earth efforts like as everybody does.
The world has altered now. Not only old humanism is dead but the death of lonely man in the shadow of any Unity is dead too. If I shouldn't to die, should I to live? Right-to-death belong not only to ill human being but to every earth person now. We can't build the new world among many nations, states and religions - we forget how we should die. The future belong to Homo mortem.
My owls of Minerva flies in the twilight of my earth way. I always thought that my death would be something solemn and interest, but really it happened as prose event and like as people don't note the death of somebody at once and must get accustomed to "dead" body of relatives or friends, so I don't accustomed to my own death at once. When I wrought the book " The gospel from godman. Posthumously. Personally" I fully understood that I was died. I get the possibility to speak clearly, to listen attentively each person. Our century looks at the death as if the death is the way to another world - that is not the matter how we understand that another world, and for many people of our millennium the death itself remains as the door to another order. I would like to follow my own earth way - to die with my own brain and hands or, in other words, to create the history of my own non-being, my death and to try look at the human world when I follow my own way as dead person yet. And as dead man I can sincerely speak to others and I can reveal my own world for others.
Mortal eternity - earth people make only first steps to understanding of their dearth, the place of death in the world history and in the history of every person. The death of free finite being may be only finite one. The death is not an instant event, but the long earth process for every human being. The history of death (the earth non-Being) is real human process which help us to stand in itself and in the present. The instant death belongs to murders only. Earth being of human death is really non-being of a murder, of ruthless revolution, of a terrorism.
I wouldn’t like to appeal to cultured world, or, in other words, to the history of men and woman. There always exist only the family. Real family is earth non-being of love. Only family knows the answers. They know how to follow the history of earth world. Necessity of death still rules the human world and will rule till we encounter the simple problem - how can we live in the present, not in the future or past. Families - earth multitude of human being demands both the starting point and finish. They have only one future – their children, their actual present. Only lonely man and woman can cry out in the future and in the past “Give us eternity, give us eternity!!” (for what?!) and only families know how to follow silently its earth way in the eternal present. When the great history tired to conquer the peaks it get into the family where human history really contemplates, emerges and starts its way into the heaven. It is family, which save the world and opens the door to and for another worlds. I don’t know what will the future remember, deed, dream but there will not be any new heaven for us. In any case, I hope on such miraculous way of history.