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english  "A belief is what we accept as truth."

Tuomas: emailtuappi83@hotmail.com, 10.02.2002, 23:35
Original: english  "A belief is what we accept as truth." (Adrian), 15.07.2001, 10:03

"A belief is what we accept as truth."

Hi.  I have to write an essay on the above claim, and whether or not I can defend it.  I am not an expert in philosophy, and so I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.  I currently do not agree with it, however I would very much like to hear some of your opinions on the topic.  If you agree, why?  Likewise, if you disagree, why?

Hey Adrian!

Im faced with the same essay title (TOK essay IB 2002,title 1) and I interpreted the statement as a definition of belief. Apps is saying that a belief is something we accept as truth. You should probably define belief as well as you can and from the point of view of different areas of knowledge, hence coming up with your general definition. Now you will be able to compare and contrast your own definition of a belief (which youve backed up obviously) with the one of Apps. At least this is the way I did it, but I admit that you can interpret the statement differently and have a completely different approach.. Anyway, good luck with your final exams!