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english  a belief is what we accept as truth

mel: emailmonkeygirl18@worldnet.att.net, 01.02.2002, 04:20
Original: english  "A belief is what we accept as truth." (Adrian), 15.07.2001, 10:03

»» "A belief is what we accept as truth."
»» Hi.  I have to write an essay on the above claim, and whether or not I can defend it.  I am not an expert in philosophy, and so I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.  I currently do not agree with it, however I would very much like to hear some of your opinions on the topic.  If you agree, why?  Likewise, if you disagree, why?
»»         Regards,
»»              Adrian

hey, i think that in many societies this is true.  For example i recently read a book called THE BRIDE PRICE where false traditions and beliefs run the people's lives and are often taken as fact.  i believe that beliefs shouldn't be accepted as truth, but they often are.  The enlightenment was a great time of proving that beliefs taht were accepted as fact were not actually true.  hope some of this helped!