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english  RE:New age philosophy - source of wisedom

Ingvar Bogdahn: emailingu84@web.de, 24.08.2001, 11:40
Original: english  New age philosophy (Davey boy), 21.08.2001, 03:41

»» Hello fellow philosophers,  Can anyone reject my claim?
»» I believe the world is consisted of atoms which are able to function because of the protons, neutrons and electrons(energy).  It is this energy which holds all things form matter to anti matter together. That means that there is an endless supply of energy cycling around all that exists. So I believe that the human body has an inner energy with in it and it could, if we died, either take up other atoms or we essentially could travel through the energy already existing.  If that is true that would mean if we could travel outer body through meditation or anther form of concentration, by connecting a link with our mind and our energy then we could travel throgh energy and seek out the mysteries of the after life.  So what do you think?  

Hi fellow philosopher(s) (that`s a nice greeting)

Unless you already do know him, i recommand you the works of Carlos Castaneda, in which you can find a quite extensive conception that is based on assumptions very similar to yours and reaches dimensions of old shaman wisedom, fascinating for example because of its clear dinstinction between things that can be "caught"/understood by reason/language and those that cannot (only by other means). Granted, you have to be tolerant towards mysterious, sometimes drug induced and somewhat crazy experiences the author is reporting of, but once you got to know the "real" essence, you will see, it was worth it.
Contact me if you are interested, i can give you further tips, that would be usefull.

I`m curious: did you get this idea yourself or have you been inspired by some "new age" source?

bye fellow